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Stop the clock with Tripollar Pose

Rejuvenate your skin and regain a youthful appearance with the unique handheld Tripollar Pose. After a pregnancy or just by growing older it’s especially hard to regain your youthful taught skin; no matter how much you exercise it can become frustrating. But help is on the way. After just one treatment with the Tripollar Pose you will start to see those pesky fat deposits start to melt away.

As you massage away the fat and cellulose Tripollar Pose will smooth and resurface your skin Tripollar Poseand help it appear firmer. TriPollar’s innovative radio frequency technology emits four low power radio frequencies which gently warm the layers of your skin stimulating the fat cells by changing their constancy so they can be metabolized or for flushed through your system. This will decrease stretch marks, cellulite, wrinkles, and fat deposits will become a thing of the past.

The pose is very easy to use- prepare the area of treatment making sure it’s clean and dry, spread a thin layer of tripollar preparation gel then simply attach the power supply and plug it in, push in the button setting it on low to get started, having full contact with the four pronged head, rub in a small circular motion until the orange light appears massage in that area for a few more seconds then move on to a new area next to it. A warm relaxing sensation will be felt while the Tripollar Pose does its job.

The Pose works by emitting four low power radio frequency beams which gently warms the different layers of your skin. As the fat layer warms quicker than the other layers of skin this stimulates fat cells to turning them into liquid fatty acids released into your blood stream. This is then either metabolized or washed away in your system. This technology also stimulates your skin to produce more collagen, which is the natural protein responsible for making your skin smoother, taught and supple resulting in diminished fat cells and a reduced amount of fat on your body. The pose is the same technology used in skin clinics across the world. iSkin sell it at an affordable price to be used in the comfort of your home.

Not matter what your skin type or color is, from your abdomen, waist, thighs, stomach, and Tripollar Pose for face and bodyderriere, your targeted body areas will benefit from Tripollar Pose. Please note this device is only recommended to be used on these designated areas two times a week for twenty minutes each session, and in a matter of six to eight weeks you will have lasting results.

The TriPollar Pose Package includes:

  • TriPollar Pose unit
  • Power supply
  • Outlet adaptors (suitable for the UK, Europe & the USA)
  • User’s manual
  • Quick Reference Guide
  • International  two year Warranty
  • Preparation gel, 130 mL
  • Pose units are available in two colors – Elegant Black or Cool White. You can select your color preference on the order form

How to fight cellulite

We have all heard the horrible comments: cottage cheese thighs or orange skin butt; it’s enough to make someone want to hide inside and never wear clothes that might reveal a smidgen of their skin that isn’t one hundred percent perfect and smooth. Transitioning from cold weather to the warmer months turns in a self-conscience nightmare.

Trying to hide your imperfections can mean your fashion choices may be limited. Well, here’s a How to fight cellulitenews flash: eighty five percent of women have some form of cellulite after they hit puberty.  It’s that common; if your mother had it there’s a good chance you will. If you crash diet and lose loads of weight in a short period of time good chance you’ll have it. It took you time to gain it it’ll take you time to lose it.  Even if you are skinny you still can have it.

Unfortunately women are much more prone to it than men. And since most cultures put so much pressure on how a woman looks it can be discouraging. Cellulite is the bane of women worldwide.

Cellulite is fat directly under your skin causing it to dimple and ripple and if you have skin on the thin side then it’ll be more noticeable than a thicker skinned person. Women also have more estrogen which makes more fat whereas men have more testosterone which breaks down their fat.

It’s an ongoing struggle and most women just don’t move as much as women in less industrialized places in the world, so we aren’t muscular as we need to be and fat accumulates.

What can you do to combat this menace? Diet and exercise play a role in the amount of cellulite that accumulates. It’s important to eat healthy and to keep hydrated.  A diet consisting of fruit, vegetables, non- fatty meats, fish, poultry, preferably free range, nuts, berries and foods rich in fiber is highly recommended. Drinking the recommended amount of water per day is also very important.

Tripollar PoseExercise and build up your muscles and you will eventually have less cellulite. Do not crash diet. Do it methodically and over time combined with a healthy diet you will hopefully keep the fat off and be stronger from exercising.

Of course there are instances when no matter how healthy you eat nor will how much you exercise some cellulite will remain. Do not despair there are some amazing affordable products  on the market used in the privacy of your home that can help rid you of the cellulite.


  • Eat a healthy diet high in fiber, low in fats. Organic is best.
  • Drink the recommended amount of water per day
  • Exercise at least three times a week twenty to forty-five minutes each time
  • Do not crash diet. Lose weight in in a healthy fashion