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Teeth whitening at home

Smiling can become quite uncomfortable when you don’t have pearly whites to show the Teeth Whiteningworld.  It affects how we feel about ourselves and how others perceive us. Assumptions are made when we don’t look well cared for. Our teeth are the road map to our individual history. It’s a reflection of our genes, our habits and even our finances. Medicines, coffee, smoking and even an innocent cup of wine can discolor our teeth.  Waiting too long to go to the dentist knowing the huge investment it will be can affect how white and clean our teeth are.  Aging can also cause our teeth to discolor and yellow. There are expensive dental treatments available and at home treatments to help whiten and give you a new and improved smile. The pearl will help you have a white shiny million dollar smile, it’s simple and effective.

The pearl teeth whitening system will help restore your confidence and help you smile proudly to the world.  Within five days your teeth will look like new, stains will be gently erased using the state of the art patented ionic technology. This technology uses a gentle micro-current activating system which is safe for the enamel. Using The Pearl with the Ionic Whitening Gel is comfortable effective and safe even on sensitive teeth.

You simply use it twice a day for five minute treatments for just five days. After five days a follow up treatment recommended every three months or as needed.  The pliable double sided mouth tray is soft and pleasant to use.  Just fill both sides of the tray with the gel, making sure the metals strips are evenly covered turn it on the power button and wait for the indicator light to change from orange to green. Place the pearl in your mouth with the indicator button facing up. There is a built in timer which will automatically shut off after five minutes has passed. You then remove the pearl from your mouth and rinse with water. It’s simple to clean, check that the powers is off and clean under running  water  from your faucet with a toothbrush being careful not to submerge the device while gently removing all remaining gel. Wait at least thirty minutes after treatment before eating or drinking.

It’s a simple process with amazing results. Your confidence will be boosted with a brighter whiter smile to face the day!

 Pearl Tips:

  • Gently brush your teeth before the treatment.
  • Use the tip of the gel tube to evenly spread the gel on the mouth pieces and be careful to cover the metal strips.
  • Wait at least thirty minutes before eating, drinking after treatment.
  • Avoid smoking, it’s not only bad for your health it stains your teeth!
  • Certain foods and medicines can stain you teeth, so be aware and consult your doctor and chose carefully.
  • Gently Clean the Pearl with your tooth brush and avoid immersing the device in water.