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How to care for your skin

It’s time to adjust your skin care regime summer is almost upon us and it’s time to look your best. Forget extreme diets, eat healthy whole foods and the improvement will be noticed immediately. When you eat and exercise your skin glows and so do your insides.

Having a healthy diet affects your skin and helps it to remain healthy as well. Fruits vegetables, whole grains, fish and non-fatty meats are the best. Studies have shown that there is a link between diet and clear healthy skin. Drink plenty of water or non-sugar drinks, eliminate unhealthy fats and make sure you eat the right balance vitamins and minerals will keep your skin looking fresh and healthy.

Protect your skin from the sun. Prolonged exposure to the sun can enhance skin aging and cause wrinkles and dryness. Sun screen should be applied when exposed to the sun and it is Healthy Skinrecommended for thorough protection a minimum of 30 SPF-UBV, which blocks %97 of the harmful rays.

It’s tempting when the weather gets hot to shower more frequently, but if your water is hard it can cause dryness. Even soaps that claim to have moisturizer can cause your skin to dry out by washing away your natural protective skin oils, so it’s important to use the most natural soaps with olive oil and shea butter and aim not to use the ones with drying chemicals. Apply moisturizer after the shower. Use moisturizers that are labeled noncomedogenic or non-occlusive to reduce clogging your facial pores. When using facial moisturizer it’s always best to consult with a dermatologist to get the one that matches your skin type and if you have acne won’t aggravate it and cause fewer breakouts.

Removing makeup with the wrong remover can also cause dryness. Buy one that is alcohol free or use a mild soap or cream to remove makeup.

Do you smoke? Now is the time to quit. Smoking is not only bad for your health and causes emphysema, but it also narrows the blood vessels and reduces blood flow and the amount of oxygen and nutrients that keep the skin healthy. It damages elastin fibers and collagen which keeps your skin looking healthy and helps stave off wrinkles.

Your skin is a reflection of your health, so stay healthy, eat well, exercise, moisturize, use sunscreens and avoid smoking. Enjoy the weather as it warms up!

How to care for different types of skin

Skincare doesn’t have to be complicated nor expensive. To find a comfort zone with the proper skincare approach will leave you with healthy shining skin it’s important to identify which type of skin you have and to adjust your care regime accordingly. Dry, Oily, normal, sensitive and combination types require different cleansing approaches and all types require an overall healthy diet.

The different types of skin

Dry skin is skin lacking enough moisture, flaky and not as elastic as it should be. Dry skin can be very uncomfortable and is generally more sensitive to the sun and extreme weather. Wrinkles tend to be more apparent on dry skin. It’s important to moisturize, drink water and not expose Healthy Glowing Skinyour skin to irritating elements such as soaps with harsh chemicals and avoid alcohol based products.

Oily skin usually has a slight sheen to it, slightly larger pores and tends to require a regular twice daily cleansing. Gentile Exfoliation with the Clarisonic Mia 2 is a great solution for at home and on the go to get your face shine free and invigorated and unclog your pores to rid yourself of blemishes which oily skin tends to attract.

Normal skin is usually the easiest to care for, but still nothing is cut and dry. “Normal” can also include a slightly oily patch in the “T” zone, which includes a small area of your forehead down the nose area and a small portion of the chin.  So, in reality normal can also mean combination skin, although normal skin tends to be prone to fewer blemishes and is generally less sensitive and easier to care for.

Sensitive skin can exhibit redness, itching and dryness. This could be a response to chemicals in skincare products, diet or medications. It can also just be genetically based.

The best diet to combat and treat different skin types is getting back to basics. Apart from drinking water and staying hydrated, a healthy whole grain, low sugar, high fiber, low salt, and low cholesterol diet is recommended. As the saying goes,” you are what you eat” so, the healthier diet will not only keep your weight down your skin will be at its best.

Of course aging and genetics play a part so taking care to get rid of old skin cells to reinvigorate your skin is a great help as well. PMD PRO Personal Microderm System Home Microdermabrasion Device is a great way to treat your face to remove dead skin cells resulting in luminous and healthy skin.

Having a good attitude helps as well because we are all blessed with different genetic factors that result in different types of skin some more challenging than others, but with a healthy diet and proper care all skin types can be cared for and treated resulting in your looking your very best.


  • Use sunscreen
  • Don’t smoke (it’s bad for your health!)
  • Drink lots of water
  • Use a Moisturizer that matches your skin type
  • Remove makeup BEFORE bed with gentle nondrying makeup remover
  • Exfoliate

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