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Enjoy glowing healthy clean skin with the Mia 2 Clarisonic Skin System

Imagine self-facials that take just a few minutes of your time, feel fabulous and leave you with glowing skin. The Clarisonic Mia 2 has arrived to iSkin ! Facial cleansing is now more comfortable, quicker and affordable. The Mia 2 will help you achieve glowing healthy clean skin in the convenience of your house or on the go.Clarisonis-Mia-2

The Mia 2 cleansing machine will help cleanse and refresh all skin types, even the most sensitive. Washing your face with soap and water, a cleanser or a wash cloth isn’t always enough to get the deep cleanse we all need and to really clean your pores thoroughly. There are so many variables that our skin is exposed to on a daily basis especially our faces that it’s important to be vigilant and take good care of ourselves. Impurities are part of life, but can cause damage to our facial skin if not thoroughly removed.

Makeup, air pollution, dirt just to mention a few are not easily removed with regular washing or cleansers. The Clarisonic Skin System is a handheld waterproof device that will cleanse your face with a pulsating cleansing brush. After applying the cleanser to the brush, turn it on starting in the lower mode for sensitive skin and rotate it in a circular motion until the built in timer indicates it’s time to move on to the next section of your face.  There are two modes on the Mia 2 so after you get used to the sensitive setting go to the normal setting which can be used on a daily basis. It is a quick treatment and only takes a few minutes to achieve a wonderful gentle exfoliating cleanse.

The Mia 2 comes with a brush designed specifically for sensitive skin but there are other interchangeable brush heads available for purchase that cover specific individual needs ranging from sensitive, normal, acne, deep pore and even a body brush.  The kit also contains a sample size cleanser, a protective Travel Case and a Universal Voltage pLink® Charger for on the go facial cleansing around the world.


  • It is recommended to replace your brush head every 3 months ensuring an optimal cleanse.
  • Use the brush head cap to remove and attach the brush head with a simple twist.
  • Individualize the brush head to meet your needs
  • Use the cleanser that is provided in the kit
  • Start on the lower setting in order to acclimate yourself
  • Move on to a new section of your face when the timer indicates
  • Hold the brush evenly on your skin and use a rotating motion