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Me My ELOS – Laser hair removal at home

Me My Elos devices offer the highest level of innovation and comfort for hair removal at home or even on the go.

The Me My Elos systems were developed by scientists of Syneron ,the inventors of IPL and Elōs technology  that  combines  Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) and Radio Frequency (RF) energies to deliver clinically proven , FDA cleared, permanent hair reduction and removal.

Dermatologists use these systems effectively worldwide for men and women in clinics for all types of skin tones and the whole range of hair colors.

Combining the two energy forces Me My Elos devices are a safe and effective way to remove hair permanently, fast and painlessly in the comfort of your home.

After weekly treatments, for a period of seven sessions on the desired areas, unwanted hair  will be effectively eliminated. The treatments need to be continued in order to insure smooth skin.

Depending on your needs there are a variety of Me My Elos systems to choose from:

  • Me Smooth, 126K, which includes a shaver and an epilator
  • Me Classic, 100K,which includes 100,000 pluses, and a built in lamp
  • Pro-Ultra , 126K, which includes  shaver epilator and facial adaptor
  • Touch Light ,200K, which includes shaver ,epilator and facial adaptor
  • Super Touch 300K, the latest version, 300,000 pluses, and a facial adaptor

Me My Elos - Hair Removal at home

iSkinProducts.com, supplies all the varieties of The   Me My Elos systems, so you can choose the one that matches your needs. All of the systems pay for themselves over a short period of time. There is no need to travel to costly clinics, lose time at work, when you can easily treat yourself at home.

Save money and invest in Me My Elos, your skin will thank you and your investment pay off over a short period of time while you remove unwanted hair in the comfort and privacy of your home. Blast the music, hook up to a good movie and revel in your newly acquired smooth hairless skin!

iSkinProducts offer a two year warranty, sixty day money back guarantee, and free shipping worldwide.

It’s time to buy home laser hair removal

Summer is around the corner. It’s time to prepare!  Enhance the way you look and get rid of excess hair. When the heat hits, we go to the beach to cool off and want to look our best. Bathing suits abound and our self-awareness of body care increases. Extra hair in places that are exposed are a nuisance in the summer and should be tended to in a safe and comfortable manner. There are many products on the market but the most outstanding is the Me My Elos ME MY ELOS TOUCH 150Kseries of epilators.

To reduce hair permanently, Me My Elos provides the fastest and easiest way to treat hair removal. In just thirty minutes you can comfortably do a full hair removal over your whole body. After only four treatments the hair is reduced by close to %90. Using gentle pulses that penetrate below the surface of the dermis, the Me My Elos focuses on the removal of the hair follicle, which after a series of treatments greatly reduces the amount of hair on the body. Me My Elos is safe for all skin tones and for all types of hair removal. Straight thin hair or curly thick hair will benefit from the Me My Elos eppilator.

iSKIN.com offers three different options in the Me My Elos series.

  • The first option is New Mē™ – Blue with Quartz lamp for face and body (105,400 pulses)
  • The second option is the New Mē™ Soft /Smooth for Face & Body with Quartz Lamp (126,000 pulses) ,which  includes Xtra 120,000 Shots Quartz Lamp
  • The third option in the series is the  Me My Elos Touch Plus with built in Quartz lamp (150,000 pulses) + Shaver + Epilator Me My Elos PRO Ultra+ Free Face Adapter.

All three in the Me My Elos series offer safe and gentle hair removal for the whole body including the face. Go to and find the one that best suits your needs to get ready for summer with smoother skin.  In the comfort of your home hair removal has never been safer, more thorough, convenient and affordable.

Get ready for the summer and your next vacation and look your best and smoothest with the Elos!