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How to care for your skin

It’s time to adjust your skin care regime summer is almost upon us and it’s time to look your best. Forget extreme diets, eat healthy whole foods and the improvement will be noticed immediately. When you eat and exercise your skin glows and so do your insides.

Having a healthy diet affects your skin and helps it to remain healthy as well. Fruits vegetables, whole grains, fish and non-fatty meats are the best. Studies have shown that there is a link between diet and clear healthy skin. Drink plenty of water or non-sugar drinks, eliminate unhealthy fats and make sure you eat the right balance vitamins and minerals will keep your skin looking fresh and healthy.

Protect your skin from the sun. Prolonged exposure to the sun can enhance skin aging and cause wrinkles and dryness. Sun screen should be applied when exposed to the sun and it is Healthy Skinrecommended for thorough protection a minimum of 30 SPF-UBV, which blocks %97 of the harmful rays.

It’s tempting when the weather gets hot to shower more frequently, but if your water is hard it can cause dryness. Even soaps that claim to have moisturizer can cause your skin to dry out by washing away your natural protective skin oils, so it’s important to use the most natural soaps with olive oil and shea butter and aim not to use the ones with drying chemicals. Apply moisturizer after the shower. Use moisturizers that are labeled noncomedogenic or non-occlusive to reduce clogging your facial pores. When using facial moisturizer it’s always best to consult with a dermatologist to get the one that matches your skin type and if you have acne won’t aggravate it and cause fewer breakouts.

Removing makeup with the wrong remover can also cause dryness. Buy one that is alcohol free or use a mild soap or cream to remove makeup.

Do you smoke? Now is the time to quit. Smoking is not only bad for your health and causes emphysema, but it also narrows the blood vessels and reduces blood flow and the amount of oxygen and nutrients that keep the skin healthy. It damages elastin fibers and collagen which keeps your skin looking healthy and helps stave off wrinkles.

Your skin is a reflection of your health, so stay healthy, eat well, exercise, moisturize, use sunscreens and avoid smoking. Enjoy the weather as it warms up!

Keeping your skin healthy

Winter has arrived. Along with the season changing to cooler temperatures our bodies need to be taken care of and adjustments need to be made. Heating our house, and facing the elements outside can wreak havoc on your skin. Transitioning from a warm heated environment to frigid cold can be challenging. Staying warm but not overheated is essential and keeping well hydrated a must.

It’s difficult to remember even in the cooler weather keeping hydrated is necessary to keep your body healthy and clean. It’s best not to overindulge in caffeinated beverages because they act as a diuretic and you eliminate more liquids from your body than you are aware of and it makes it doubly hard to stay hydrated.

Drinking herbal tea is a great way to compensate and keep warm, but regular plain water isHealthy Skin really the best. Being a coffeeholic I can attest to how difficult it is to cut back, but the more caffeinated drinks you ingest usually results in drinking less water which results in drier and older looking skin. This is not the direction you want to go if you want to look younger and have pliable skin.

Obviously, diet is also important as well. It’s important to eat healthy foods. Cut out junk food, lower the sugar and salt level and you’ll see an improvement in your skin and feel healthier never mind losing unnecessary weight.

Olive oil is a great natural way to keep your skin looking good since it’s filled with vitamins, minerals and proteins it acts as a moisturizer and it can even be used as a makeup remover.  A few drops in the bath, or diluted with water and rubbed directly onto your face and lips is a great way to keep your skin soft.

In fact its great ingested as well and acts as a natural healthy lubricant by helping your body eliminate wastes while adding healthy fats and vitamin E while adding other nutritional benefits.

Since most people usually don’t carry a bottle of olive oil in their handbag I suggest always having a bottle of water, good lip balm and a moisturizer on hand especially in the cooler months.


  • Drink the recommended amount of water (consult with a dietitian or doctor if you are not sure of the amount you should consume)
  • Stay away from an excessive amount of caffeinated beverages
  • Carry lip balm, moisturizer and a bottle of water when out of the house.

Maintaining healthy skin

During our daily routines we encounter all sorts of elements that affect our skin.  Whatever parts of your body you don’t cover with your clothes is exposed to sun, car exhaust, air conditioners and heaters, to name a few. All of these can cause your skin to dry out and cause it to get dirty.

Our skin is our biggest organ which is exposed to the most abuse. Just taking a shower and using an ordinary inexpensive bar of soap that doesn’t have moisturizers can cause dry skin and flaking. Soaps have different formulas for different skin types:  oily, combination (normal), sensitive, dry and sun-damaged. You should be careful that the soap that you use be suited to  Healthy Skinthe type of skin that you have.  It’s always best to use all natural soaps that don’t contain alcohol, chemicals, and artificial fragrances. Soaps that contain natural oils such as olive oil and shea butter are recommended. Some even have oatmeal added as an exfoliant, so you get two for one.

It’s important to remove dead skin and the best time to do this is when you shower or bathe. A natural loofah or even an artificial one works wonders to remove dead skin and helps clean your pores , restore circulation leaving you feel  invigorated  and healthy.

After your shower or bath is the best time to use moisturizer and keep your skin hydrated. Add moisturizer when your skin is warm, after you exfoliate and even shaving helping it remain soft, smooth and supple. Your face will require a different type of moisturizer than the rest of your body, so be sure the type you choose matches your needs and won’t end up irritating and causing discomfort.

You are what you eat. Your skin reflects what you ingest and if you are eating an unhealthy diet it’ll show. High fat food, highly processed foods, not enough fibers, too much sugar not only contributes to being overweight but can make your skin break out. By eating the right foods you can minimize acne, and to a degree even prevent common skin problems. Eat fruits, vegetables, legumes, grains and beans and limit caffeine. Stick to healthy juices and hydrating liquids such as water which cleanses your body, and keeps you hydrated. Your skin will thank you.

Tips for healthy skin:

  • Have limited sun exposure and use sunscreen with SPF  30-50, if swimming use water resistant sunscreen
  • Use natural soaps that do not contain alcohol, chemicals and artificial fragrances.
  • Exfoliate using a natural loofah or a synthetic one. Don’t overdo it and don’t scrub areas where there are open wounds. Rinse the loofah and keep it clean.
  • Moisturize after your shower or bath. Use ones that are recommended for your particular skin type and remember you need different ones for your face and body.
  • If you have been exposed to pollutants use a gentle nondrying skin wash with luke warm water.
  • Eat healthy foods. Cut down on greasy, high fat food and overly processed ones. Stick with fruit and vegetables and other healthy food and drink lots of water.

Maintaining Healthy Glowing Skin

Eyes might be the mirror to your soul but your skin is a reflection of how you live.

From the moment you wake up to the moment when you settle down to sleep affects your Healthy Glowing Skinappearance. Since modern technology keeps many of us on the run on a daily basis it’s important to know when to slow down. Slowing down doesn’t necessarily mean cutting out daily activities but to approach them in a more relaxed manner. When Things go wrong people get stressed. Stress is a major factor that affects many health issues. Not only can it elevate blood pressure but it can cause our skin to break out. Many times stress is a trigger for acne and other skin problems. Even preexisting skin problems are exacerbated by stress. Whatever it takes, reduce situations that cause you to feel anxious and tense and squeeze in some more relaxed moments. 

Sun is another factor that can cause irreparable damage to our skin. Prolonged exposure to your skin causes wrinkles, ages spot and increases your change of skin cancer. It is imperative to use sun screen and to try to avoid being exposed when the sun’s rays are strongest. It also dehydrates you when you are in the sun too long.

Drinking water not only cleanses your system but it keeps you hydrated, but water with a high mineral content can dry out your skin as well as many of the soaps used for bathing and showering. It’s best to stick with olive oil based soaps that are natural and don’t have chemicals added that tend to dry out the skin.  While in the shower or bath is good to get into the practice of exfoliating. Get rid of the old layer of skin to feel refreshed and regenerated. After the bath it’s important to moisturize and if you are going outside use a moisturizer with SPF sun protection.

Another important factor is your diet. Healthy diets of fresh fruits, vegetables, and lots of fiber will aide in your overall health and help your skin glow.  It’s important to recognize that what we ingest affects us on the inside as well as our appearance on the outside. So, needless to say do not smoke. Smoke depletes your skin of oxygen and nutrients and negatively affects the elasticity of your skin. It also smells bad. So, if you haven’t already tried to quit, now is the time.

Your skin is the largest organ in your body and is a reflection of your overall health. It’s exposed to many elements and needs to be cared for.


·         Use sunscreen when outdoors with a high SPF ,35 or higher for good protection

·         Avoid the sun at the height of the day

·         Eat a healthy diet that includes lots of fibers

·         DON’T SMOKE!

·         Try to avoid stress

·         Meditate

·         Stay hydrated : drink water

·         Moisturize

·         Use natural soaps without added chemicals  and exfoliate in the shower