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laser treatment for hair loss

Baldness is not for everyone. Yul Brynner, Telly Savalas and even Sinead O’Connor pulled it off as a sexy fashion statement but for the average person hair loss can be traumatic problem. It’s a slow process, but can have lasting impact on your self image.  Just brushing your hair and seeing it collect on your brush instead of staying on your head where it belongs can be difficult to deal with. A large part of how we interpret beauty is identified by a full healthy head of hair.

Bouncing shining hair instills self-confidence and makes us feel beautiful. In the past people Hair Losswith hair loss didn’t have so many options. Wigs were worn but can be uncomfortable, Toupées which can blow off in the wind, hair extensions which need maintenance, comb overs which can look silly and not stay in place, or surgery such as hair plugs which is an uncomfortable and costly procedure without guaranteed results. People go to great pains to have a full head of hair which makes them feel attractive.

Around 1971 Endre Mester (1903–1984), a Hungarian physician and surgeon who was ahead of his time discovered the benefits of low level laser therapy and how they reawaken follicles and hair growth. He was a pioneer in laser research which led to many great inventions such as the iGrow.

 iGrow is the  newest most comfortable revolutionary approach to strengthening the follicles  and stimulate new hair growth . Hair loss can be the result of aging, male-pattern baldness or female-pattern baldness, and certain sex hormones can trigger hair loss as early as puberty.  Hair is lost and insecurity sets in. No one wants to lose their head of hair as it is part and parcel of our identity.

Instead of going to special hair clinics you can use the iGrow in the privacy of your own home. Using Cold laser light therapy, which does not emit heat, iGrow effectively stimulates hair growth in places where there was hair loss and baldness with absolutely no side effects. The iGrow helmet has 51 low-level red laser and LED lights that cover the whole scalp and has headphones and a built-in Ipod and MP3 player to help you enjoyably pass the time.

You simply put the helmet on and listen to some relaxing music or watch a good movie while the iGrow does its job. It’s as simple as that. You need to use it three to four times per week for twenty to twenty five minutes per session. It does take time; the average person will experience less hair loss after six to eight weeks and a fuller head of hair after nine months.


  • Use iGrow  for the recommended amount of time
  • Enjoy the MP3 and built in IPod  to relax during treatment
  • Enjoy your new head of hair!
  • Remember to check with your physician to determine what exactly is causing the hair loss before starting any program