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Seniors stay warm and healthy in the winter

Keeping warm and staying fit in the winter as we age involves being aware of our circumstances and responding correctly to them. As the winter arrives, the cold creeps into our everyday lives and the focus shifts from trying to cool off to keeping warm and healthy. Although we tend to close the windows and block the fresh air from coming in, it’s important not to hermetically close yourself off to fresh air entering your environment.  Go outside; get some sunshine and vitamin D! It’s typical to want to stay indoors and hibernate, but this can not only lead to vitamin D deficiency and potentially depression as well. So, bundle up, go out with a friend for a stroll and enjoy the crisp fresh air while staying warm.

Although drafts from improperly sealed windows and doors will increase your heating bill, fresh having a safe winter as you ageair or filtered air is important. That being said, staying warm should be your priority. As we age our bodies are less resistant to cold weather and are more susceptible to colds and flus because our immunity is weakened as we age. Keep your immune system strong by taking vitamins and be sure to protect your body’s natural temperature from decreasing to an unhealthy level because this can lower your resistance to germs.  So, bundle up when you go outside and check that your windows and doors are not leaking precious heating.

You need to insulate your house and to insulate your body in the winter months. Layering your clothes helps as well as wearing long underwear. Undershirts and leggings, warm shirts and sweaters then on with the coat, hat, gloves, scarves and boots when you go outside. Although natural fibers for layering are highly recommended such as one hundred percent silk or wool undergarments, fleece is a great external layer. Fleece is an amazing material for shirts, sweaters, socks, and even slippers. It insulates you and keeps you warm and is easy to wash and dries very quickly. Using fleece as the last layer will keep you snug and warm.

Snuggling indoors next to the furnace all day with a hot cup of tea or cocoa is tempting, but this can lead to over indulging, gaining weight because your metabolism slows down which can affect your digestive system . Eating a healthy diet high in fiber and low in sugar is recommended, as well as drinking the recommended amount of water. Eat fruits and vegetables and make sure you get enough fiber. Stay away from too many caffeinated drinks because these tend to dehydrate your body. Staying properly hydrated helps to decrease swelling and dry skin. Eat foods rich in vitamin C, such as an orange which not only tastes good, satisfies your sweet tooth but is a great preventative for the common cold and flu.

Of course consult with your doctor which additional vitamins to take, and which is the best diet possible for your individual needs and of course inquire about getting a flu shot. Have a happy warm, healthy winter!


  • Get some fresh air while staying warm
  • Layer your clothes
  • Exercise
  • Eat healthy foods
  • Drink non caffeinated drinks
  • Consult with your doctor about getting a flu shot
  • Stay safe

Youthful Skin – Using Tripollar Stop

Although turning back the clock on the aging process isn’t possible obtaining youthful skin in the comfort of your own home is attainable. Using the Tripollar Stop skincare device after a short period of time will enhance your skin tone, diminish deep wrinkles and improve how your skin feels. It regenerates collagen up to fifty percent which is what gives elasticity to your skinand makes it look youthful. Looking in the mirror you will notice improvement in your appearance with diminished wrinkles and fine lines helping to reverse the signs of aging skin.

After a short period of a few weeks with regular use the Tripollar Stop produces long lasting Tripollar Stopeffects. The Tripollar Stop device is meant to be used on your face, neck and hands helping them feel rejuvenated and refreshed. While counteracting the deterioration of your skin cells, which happens over time while we age, the tripollar Stop works on the surface layers of the skin, stimulating the production of collagen, resulting in firmer skin and a more a youthful appearance.

It is easy to operate, just plug in the device, setting it on your preferred heat setting, low, medium, or high, using it when the ready light indicator goes on. Since there is an internal thermostat which regulates the heat there is no need to worry about burns. Put a small amount of the preparation gel on the head of the device before touching the skin. The gel protects the skin and ensures an even distribution of energy into the skin’s deeper layers and allows the Stop device to effectively warm specific areas to encourage the production of collagen.

Use Small circular motions for approximately one minute in one area then gently move on to a different area still using a circular motion go over the whole area of your face, neck or hands. It is important to keep The Tripollar Stop in a circular motion until your treatment is finished. Then apply STOP After Treatment Cream which enriches your skin with the required nutrients and minerals that optimize long term results. The treatment takes approximately twenty minutes, two to three times a week.

You will feel as if you are giving yourself a warm relaxing massage, another wonderful benefit from the Tripollar Stop skincare device. In the package you receive you will find an Instructional video and a TriPollar Stop Quick Reference Guide to refer to. The STOP has a two year warranty, so you can feel secure in your purchase. The investment in this device pays for itself in no time at all while you achieve professional results in the comfort of your own home.


  • Find a comfortable place for treatment
  • Make sure your skin is clean and dry before treatment
  • Add the preparation gel before placing the device on your skin
  • Do not use device on open wounds
  • Start on low heat setting before you work your way up to a higher heat setting
  • Keep the device moving in a circular motion, do not stop in one place
  • Apply the STOP after treatment cream after you finish
  • Be patient, it takes a few treatments to achieve noticeable results