Stop the pain with LLT innovative technology!

Handy Cure cold laser and magnetic field combination is relief in the palm of your hand!

Are you suffering from pain and don’t want to constantly take pain killers or keep rubbing on ointment that doesn’t quite do the job? Are you looking for a compact device that you can use on the spot to treat pain? Then Handy Cure is here to help relieve your pain and discomfort. It has a wide range of applications and is the cutting edge of technology that is portable and gives on the spot treatment. It’s light weight and easy to maneuver. Pop it in your knapsack, or purse to have available while at work or while traveling. It’s portable and offers instant relief using cold laser technology that is effective anywhere at any time.

Handy Cure is a small portable laser device based on Quantum Medicine technology

Handy Cure

Handy Cure

combining four energy sources, each known to have a separate therapeutic effect. The combination of low-level pulse laser radiation, infrared radiation, visible red light, and static magnetic fields provides relief from chronic pain and discomfort.

The handy cure is handy!

The Handy Cure is designed to fit into the palm of your hand for quick and speedy recovery from pain. It operates on a rechargeable lithium battery which lasts up to eighteen hours. Treating a wide range of symptoms from migraines, back and shoulder pain, knee and joint pain and reduces inflammation.

Using low-level pulse cold laser radiation, pulsating infrared radiation, visible red light, and static magnetic fields all combined in one device, it provides immediate results reducing pain and swelling which can be depilating.

The handy cure has three preset settings: 1 -for chronic pain syndrome, 2 –for acute pain syndrome and 3- for treatment completion. Each setting is used for five minutes on the area that needs to be treated.

This device can be used on adults and children. It’s safe and offers relief from a wide range of ailments with short five minute treatments you will find relief and satisfaction and be able to get through your day comfortably and effectively.

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