The newest version (2014) Me My ELOS 200K is now available

The newest version (2014) Me My ELOS 200K is now available on

This handy and effective shaver and epilator has arrived in time for a smooth summer. Get rid of those unwanted hairs once and for all. The Me device has 200,000 built in flash cartridges, supplying years of full body hair removal.  The Me My ELOS 200K  2014 version is the most advanced device available for at home permanent hair reduction on the market today.

It’s safe and painless for all hair colors and is effective on all skin tones including dark skin (type 5) and for very fair skin types. Use the epilator and or shaver along with the laser treatment for Me My ELOS Touch 200Ksmooth hairless legs in only ten minutes or treat your whole body in only thirty two minutes.

With it’s easy to use gliding technique and three different settings that can be adjusted according to your comfort level you can treat large areas at a time effectively and professionally at home.

The Elōs is the most advanced technology available developed by scientists at Syneron who invented IPL professional technology. The Elōs is the only  at home device to combine Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) and Radio Frequency (RF) energies to deliver clinically proven, permanent hair reduction. The combination of these two complimentary energies is safe and effective for smooth, hair-free, beautiful skin.

is the only device that combines elōs technology which slows down hair development while providing safe hair removal.

Mē touch includes:

  • A 200,000 built in Quartz lamp cartridge that can last for years of home use treatments.

 This kit includes all accessories:

  • precision unit
  • shaver
  • Epilator

It’s easy to use:

  1. Turn on the mē device
  2. Select your elōs level from the three comfort settings
  3. Glide mē over the selected treatment area.

Use mē once a week for six weeks. After that if hair starts to grow back periodic touch up treatments are needed. For light hair (blond, dark blond and red hair) it is recommended to use the epilator.

Repeated follow up treatments vary from person to person. Over time the growth will be reduced and the periodic touch up treatments will be further and further apart.

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