Alleviate back pain with MD CURE

Bending over the wrong way, lifting a heavy package incorrectly, or carrying a few extra pounds on your lower abdomen area can cause back pain and discomfort. It could be bad posture or working at a job where you primarily sit in front of a computer screen. Even a sedentary life style can cause back discomfort.

Having a healthy life style and sleeping correctly can help keep back pain at bay or at least manageable. Sleeping on a comfortable supportive mattress with a comfortable pillow that keeps your head aligned with your spine and not raised too high is a good place to start. It’s recommended to sleep on your side and place a pillow between your knees to keep your whole body aligned while resting or sleeping. There are many mattresses available that help distribute body weight while sleeping to eliminate stress on the back.

MD cure Lower back pain relief

Upon waking it’s important to gently stretch and do breathing exercises to wake up the muscles and stiff joints.

Wear comfortable shoes. Wearing shoes with a well cushioned sole and heel will help absorb your body weight while walking and exercising. Walking, yoga, swimming and other low impact exercises are recommended.

Lifting a heavy object can wreak havoc on the lower back if not done correctly. Always bend your knees and use your legs and stomach muscles to distribute the weight evenly and to lessen the strain on your back.

Most importantly diet and exercise will keep you in shape and help keep off extra pounds which put stress on the back and cause pain. Eating a well-balanced diet and exercising a minimum of three times a week helps your body and mind feel better.

Although there are many ways to avoid back pain sometimes it’s unavoidable and needs to be treated. Muscle relaxing creams and pain relievers give some relief but the MD Cure gives the most advanced and immediate lower back pain relief. This unique device is portable, safe and massages the lower back while relaxing the muscles and reducing spasms. it’s important to take every precaution necessary to have a healthy pain free back ,but it’s also important to have access to healing relief while avoiding strong medications which can negatively affect your daily functioning.

It’s important to consult with a medical specialist to devise the proper exercise and diet routine which best suits your individual condition.

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