The new ELOS Touch Advance 500K is here!

The ELOS Touch Advance 500K 2016 exclusive hair removal device has arrived! This device utilizes the same technology and high level precision found in professional clinics today. This unique device has 500,000 Pulses, making it a workhorse lasting for years of use. Unwanted Hair can be eliminated safely and comfortably in the comfort of your own home. It is suitable for all skin tones and all hair colors.

ELOS Touch Advance

ELOS Touch Advance

This system was developed by scientists of Syneron, the inventors of IPL and Elōs technology  that  combines  Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) and Radio Frequency (RF) energies to deliver clinically proven , FDA cleared, permanent hair reduction and removal.

Approved by the FDA The ELOS Touch Advance 500K is an innovative device for hair removal used by dermatologists worldwide. Save time and money. Why waste time traveling to expensive clinics when you can remove all unwanted hair in the comfort and safety of your own home. Within weeks the system pays for itself!

Elos Touch Advance 500K is straightforward and easy to use. Using a simple gliding technique over the area you want to treat and in just ten minutes your legs will be free of hair. Within thirty-two minutes your whole body will be sleek and hairless. Use the epilator and or shaver along with the laser treatment for safe and efficient hair removal and smoother skin. With the Precision adapter, you can control the precise location and pulse of each flash instead of the lamp flashing away bigger areas. The Elos Touch not only removes hair, but reduces it, so with each use you will have less and less unwanted hair.

Use on targeted areas once a week, for 7 treatments over a period of 6 weeks. Periodic touch-up treatments are suggested as needed. The ELOS Touch Advance 500K is an over the counter device intended for the removal of unwanted hair for men and women.  This device will help you obtain permanent hair reduction with noticeable results within six months.

Sit back, watch a good movie, or listen to music while you achieve smooth skin and permanent hair reduction in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

It is recommended to use the Elos Touch Advance 500K once a week (for the first 6 weeks) and then use it as hair appears. Follow the user guide instructions so you can plan and monitor the treatments of each area.

iSkinProducts offer a two year warranty, sixty day money back guarantee, and free shipping worldwide.

How to cure nail fungus with Cure-Ex

Nail fungus has always been easy to get and difficult to get rid of.  Once it infects one nail it’s fairly certain other nails will follow suit. It’s unsightly and uncomfortable. Who wants to hold hands or stroll on the beach barefoot when your nails are discolored and peeling?

The symptoms are easy to distinguish:  The nail thickens, becomes brittle, misshaped, and as the healthy shine fades away and the infection spread it can separate from the nail bed causing discomfort and sometimes doesn’t smell very nice.

The Fungi that cause the infection live in moist environments and can even enter through a cut in the skin. More often than not feet affect more than fingernails because they are confined in shoes and tend to get moist.

It’s important to treat the affected area before it spreads and gets out of control.

There are many treatments on the market that have some level of effectiveness but unfortunately many come with drawbacks.

There are Oral antifungal drugs which can take six to twelve weeks before nail growth and can have some nasty side effects such as skin rashes or in more severe cases liver damage. There is a medicated nail polish which needs to be painted on daily and needs to be used daily for a minimum of a year. There is medicated nail cream, or in a more extreme case surgically removing the nail.

Cure Ex – Nail Fungus Laser Treatment

The most innovative treatment available today is laser treatment.  Since going to a clinic to get the laser treatment on a regular basis is quite costly, Cure Ex, a new clip on laser device can treat and cure the nail fungus effectively at home.Cure Ex

Cure Ex Laser is affordable, light weight, portable, and safe. There are no negative side effects when you use Cure Ex.

All it takes is seven minutes for each nail treatment. Just clip on the Cure Ex device on the targeted area and within four weeks the results will be noticeable as the fungus fades away and a new healthy nail replaces the infected one.

Clip on the Cure-Ex, push the button and within seven minutes the first treatment is finished. The device shuts off automatically, so there is no need to time the treatment. Going on holiday? Just charge the battery and you are good to go.

Using Cure Ex is the newest breakthrough for treating and curing nail fungus.

Cure Ex was developed by leading medical experts in the field of skin ailments and is CE approved.

The Cure Ex kit includes a power outlet, adapter, and instruction manual.

Me My ELOS – Laser hair removal at home

Me My Elos devices offer the highest level of innovation and comfort for hair removal at home or even on the go.

The Me My Elos systems were developed by scientists of Syneron ,the inventors of IPL and Elōs technology  that  combines  Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) and Radio Frequency (RF) energies to deliver clinically proven , FDA cleared, permanent hair reduction and removal.

Dermatologists use these systems effectively worldwide for men and women in clinics for all types of skin tones and the whole range of hair colors.

Combining the two energy forces Me My Elos devices are a safe and effective way to remove hair permanently, fast and painlessly in the comfort of your home.

After weekly treatments, for a period of seven sessions on the desired areas, unwanted hair  will be effectively eliminated. The treatments need to be continued in order to insure smooth skin.

Depending on your needs there are a variety of Me My Elos systems to choose from:

  • Me Smooth, 126K, which includes a shaver and an epilator
  • Me Classic, 100K,which includes 100,000 pluses, and a built in lamp
  • Pro-Ultra , 126K, which includes  shaver epilator and facial adaptor
  • Touch Light ,200K, which includes shaver ,epilator and facial adaptor
  • Super Touch 300K, the latest version, 300,000 pluses, and a facial adaptor

Me My Elos - Hair Removal at home, supplies all the varieties of The   Me My Elos systems, so you can choose the one that matches your needs. All of the systems pay for themselves over a short period of time. There is no need to travel to costly clinics, lose time at work, when you can easily treat yourself at home.

Save money and invest in Me My Elos, your skin will thank you and your investment pay off over a short period of time while you remove unwanted hair in the comfort and privacy of your home. Blast the music, hook up to a good movie and revel in your newly acquired smooth hairless skin!

iSkinProducts offer a two year warranty, sixty day money back guarantee, and free shipping worldwide.

Cure Ex – Nail Fungus Laser Treatment

It’s summertime and it’s hot. Barefoot walks on the beach, fancy sandals, hand holding while dreaming of your future; it’s the time for romance. But wait how on earth can you take off your socks and shoes or hold hands while having a romantic interlude if you have nail fungus?!? It’s uncomfortable and it’s embarrassing and it’s ugly.

Currently, the common treatment usually involves ointments that need to be applied several times a day or in stubborn situations medicines taken internally hoping to solve the problem, but none of these solutions are completely effective and antifungal pills can cause other problems internally aside from a Cure-ex - Laser nail fungus treatmentpotential allergic reaction, it can affect your liver negatively. Why take a chance when there are more innovative solutions on the market?

Cure Ex is the most effective and innovative treatment available today for home use.
Cure Ex uses low level laser therapy combining pulse laser radiation to eliminate the fungus and blue light energy to prevent future infections by destroying the fungus cells found on the outer surface of the nail. Within a four week period of time Cure Ex eliminates nail fungus while improving the health of the nail. It’s portable and no other medications are necessary.

Low level laser treatment is cost effective and noninvasive with no side effects. It eliminates the pesky fungus and will improve the health of the nail within four weeks of daily treatment. !

Cure Ex is easy to use, remove it from the box, put it on your nail that has fungus, and let the treatment begin!  A single nail treatment takes only 7 minutes. Cure Ex will automatically shut off after 7 minutes, so there is no need to constantly glance at your watch, so sit back and relax while Cure Ex cures and rids you of nail fungus.

The Cure Ex device includes a power outlet , adapter, and an instruction manual and a box for storage.

Cure Ex has a 180 day money back guarantee with a two (2) year warranty.
You can order Cure Ex on Where the customers are important and satisfaction is guaranteed.


Stop the pain with LLT innovative technology!

Handy Cure cold laser and magnetic field combination is relief in the palm of your hand!

Are you suffering from pain and don’t want to constantly take pain killers or keep rubbing on ointment that doesn’t quite do the job? Are you looking for a compact device that you can use on the spot to treat pain? Then Handy Cure is here to help relieve your pain and discomfort. It has a wide range of applications and is the cutting edge of technology that is portable and gives on the spot treatment. It’s light weight and easy to maneuver. Pop it in your knapsack, or purse to have available while at work or while traveling. It’s portable and offers instant relief using cold laser technology that is effective anywhere at any time.

Handy Cure is a small portable laser device based on Quantum Medicine technology

Handy Cure

Handy Cure

combining four energy sources, each known to have a separate therapeutic effect. The combination of low-level pulse laser radiation, infrared radiation, visible red light, and static magnetic fields provides relief from chronic pain and discomfort.

The handy cure is handy!

The Handy Cure is designed to fit into the palm of your hand for quick and speedy recovery from pain. It operates on a rechargeable lithium battery which lasts up to eighteen hours. Treating a wide range of symptoms from migraines, back and shoulder pain, knee and joint pain and reduces inflammation.

Using low-level pulse cold laser radiation, pulsating infrared radiation, visible red light, and static magnetic fields all combined in one device, it provides immediate results reducing pain and swelling which can be depilating.

The handy cure has three preset settings: 1 -for chronic pain syndrome, 2 –for acute pain syndrome and 3- for treatment completion. Each setting is used for five minutes on the area that needs to be treated.

This device can be used on adults and children. It’s safe and offers relief from a wide range of ailments with short five minute treatments you will find relief and satisfaction and be able to get through your day comfortably and effectively.

Discover a laser hair growth treatment that works!

Hair loss can be traumatizing emotionally and negatively affect your self-confidence. Hair loss happens gradually first  noticing it when brushing your hair an increasing amount comes  out on your brush or when shampooing it falls out and you find your drain is getting clogged more frequently.  It is especially difficult for women to experience hair loss because in our society a healthy head of clean bouncing hair is a sign of health and beauty.

Don’t despair! Now there is a way to restore hair loss and to stimulate healthy regrowth!

Theradome Laser Hair Growth Helmet is a best seller because it works!  In only one month you will experience positive visual results and within four months new hair groTheradomewth and healthier hair. After only twenty minute sessions two times a week you will start to feel and see results. Theradome not only helps reverse the miniaturization of follicles, after treatments the follicles will gradually start to return to their invigorated healthy state. After being exposed to our special cold laser treatment helmet the blood flow will increase to the scalp and hair follicles, stimulating  microcirculation  and improving cellular metabolism and protein   synthesis,  while reducing   the effects of protein blocking enzymes, promoting thickness and density.  In other words, a healthy head of hair can be achieved!

It’s easy, safe and effective.

Before Theradome Laser Hair Growth Helmet was invented, the only cold laser treatment to be had was through a hair restoration clinic. Now treatment is as simple as finding a comfortable place to relax in the comfort of your own home, putting it on your head, turning it on and letting it restore your hair to its health and brilliance.  It reduces the stress of appointments and time lost at the hair clinics and will save you loads of money. It’s portable, so if you need to travel for work or a well-deserved holiday take it along. Because there is no hassle of appointments there is no reason to miss treatments.

It’s approved!

Theradome Laser Hair Growth Helmet is the first and only cold laser treatment helmet that has been cleared by the FDA and OTC on the market today.

Treat yourself, restore your hair growth and feel better about yourself with Theradome. The lasers are precisely tailored for maximum hair growth.

Skin rejuvenation with NEWA 3 deep technology

Do you want to look younger, tighten your skin and eliminate wrinkles? Who doesn’t?

With The Newa 3 deep technology you can achieve radiant skin and look younger within a short period of time.

Newa 3 deep technology is the most advanced treatment system to rejuvenate your skin and Newaeliminate wrinkles in the comfort of your home. After using it just once you’ll notice your skin will feel tighter and smoother. Within one month you can achieve a more youthful appearance.

Used on the Lower cheek, jaw line and under the chin avoiding direct contact with the eyes and directly around the eye area The Newa directs a precise amount of heat into the dermis layer of the skin stimulating the production of collagen and elastin fibers which helps tighten and eliminate wrinkles. It is safe and effective on all skin types and colors, so anyone can use it.

For the first month it’s recommended to use the Newa five times a week for four minutes on each treatment area and after that using it once or twice a week will help you maintain your youthful appearance.newa device

It’s simple and easy to use. Plug it in, remove the cap, spread the treatment gel over all six electrodes, turn it on and gently massage the treatment areas in a circular motion for four minutes making sure all six electrodes have direct skin contact. You can start with a lower heat setting and gradually increase it according to your comfort level. The Newa® will automatically shut off emitting a mild vibration indicating that the four minute cycle is complete. Within four minutes treating each area the proper amount of stimulation is achieved to reactivate the collagen and elastin fibers in your skin.

ThE Newa

It’s easy to transport and can be used while traveling, so if you have an important meeting or just want to look your best while traveling or before a festive occasion give yourself a treatment  and put your best face forward.

Using the Newa you avoid surgical facelifts and Botox injections which can be costly, dangerous and uncomfortable, never mind the time it takes to recover from these procedures. The Newa is the most innovative and safe non-surgical facelift around for home use.

Give yourself a treat; massage your face with The Newa 3 deep skin care system and feel rejunivated

Pain Relief- tried and true methods of pain relief

Relieving pain can seem elusive; with all the salves and cure-alls on the market it can be frustrating deciding what to do and what is actually the most effective. Many people resort to taking heavy duty drugs in order to cope with their pain, but they are not always the most effective way to treat reoccurring pain because they can alter your daily activities and deplete Pain Reliefyou of energy. So, although it’s tempting to pop a pill to feel better it’s important to know different alternatives and methods for relief.

There are many alternative herbs and over the counter salves on the market that do help and give relief, but not deep relief. When your muscle is aching whether it be from an injury or just sitting too long at work in front of the computer screen and immediate relief is needed Handy Cure offers pain relief even from migraines. It’s easy to use and Improves blood microcirculation while reducing inflammation. This handy device combines low-level pulse cold laser radiation, pulsating infrared radiation, visible red light, and static magnetic fields all in one device, providing healing pain relief. Handy Cure is small and portable and easy to use at the office or at home.

B-CURE Low Level Laser Treatment is another alternative for relieving pain at home or in the office. Pain resulting from Injuries, Rheumatic and chronic joint inflammation are just a few areas this device treats to alleviate pain. It can even help eliminate Postpartum Stretch Marks. This handy device uses clinical strength soft laser power in a light, portable, rechargeable and is user friendly. Whip this convenient and easy to use device out and treat pain on the spot.

Is your lower back giving you problems? Too many hours sitting in a chair trying to work but throbbing in your lower back is unbearable and making it hard to concentrate and be productive? MD cure, an extraordinary device used at home or in the office relieves Lower back pain using pulsed electromagnetic field technology. MDcure is a new patent-pending technology that generates an electromagnetic field at low frequencies, creating a massaging effect that relaxes back muscles, relieves spasms and increases lumbar mobility and range of motion. It can be used conveniently over clothes while working or relaxing at home.

Choose the device that best suit your needs on iSkinProducts  to relief pain and help the healing process begin.

The newest version (2014) Me My ELOS 200K is now available

The newest version (2014) Me My ELOS 200K is now available on

This handy and effective shaver and epilator has arrived in time for a smooth summer. Get rid of those unwanted hairs once and for all. The Me device has 200,000 built in flash cartridges, supplying years of full body hair removal.  The Me My ELOS 200K  2014 version is the most advanced device available for at home permanent hair reduction on the market today.

It’s safe and painless for all hair colors and is effective on all skin tones including dark skin (type 5) and for very fair skin types. Use the epilator and or shaver along with the laser treatment for Me My ELOS Touch 200Ksmooth hairless legs in only ten minutes or treat your whole body in only thirty two minutes.

With it’s easy to use gliding technique and three different settings that can be adjusted according to your comfort level you can treat large areas at a time effectively and professionally at home.

The Elōs is the most advanced technology available developed by scientists at Syneron who invented IPL professional technology. The Elōs is the only  at home device to combine Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) and Radio Frequency (RF) energies to deliver clinically proven, permanent hair reduction. The combination of these two complimentary energies is safe and effective for smooth, hair-free, beautiful skin.

is the only device that combines elōs technology which slows down hair development while providing safe hair removal.

Mē touch includes:

  • A 200,000 built in Quartz lamp cartridge that can last for years of home use treatments.

 This kit includes all accessories:

  • precision unit
  • shaver
  • Epilator

It’s easy to use:

  1. Turn on the mē device
  2. Select your elōs level from the three comfort settings
  3. Glide mē over the selected treatment area.

Use mē once a week for six weeks. After that if hair starts to grow back periodic touch up treatments are needed. For light hair (blond, dark blond and red hair) it is recommended to use the epilator.

Repeated follow up treatments vary from person to person. Over time the growth will be reduced and the periodic touch up treatments will be further and further apart.

Alleviate back pain with MD CURE

Bending over the wrong way, lifting a heavy package incorrectly, or carrying a few extra pounds on your lower abdomen area can cause back pain and discomfort. It could be bad posture or working at a job where you primarily sit in front of a computer screen. Even a sedentary life style can cause back discomfort.

Having a healthy life style and sleeping correctly can help keep back pain at bay or at least manageable. Sleeping on a comfortable supportive mattress with a comfortable pillow that keeps your head aligned with your spine and not raised too high is a good place to start. It’s recommended to sleep on your side and place a pillow between your knees to keep your whole body aligned while resting or sleeping. There are many mattresses available that help distribute body weight while sleeping to eliminate stress on the back.

MD cure Lower back pain relief

Upon waking it’s important to gently stretch and do breathing exercises to wake up the muscles and stiff joints.

Wear comfortable shoes. Wearing shoes with a well cushioned sole and heel will help absorb your body weight while walking and exercising. Walking, yoga, swimming and other low impact exercises are recommended.

Lifting a heavy object can wreak havoc on the lower back if not done correctly. Always bend your knees and use your legs and stomach muscles to distribute the weight evenly and to lessen the strain on your back.

Most importantly diet and exercise will keep you in shape and help keep off extra pounds which put stress on the back and cause pain. Eating a well-balanced diet and exercising a minimum of three times a week helps your body and mind feel better.

Although there are many ways to avoid back pain sometimes it’s unavoidable and needs to be treated. Muscle relaxing creams and pain relievers give some relief but the MD Cure gives the most advanced and immediate lower back pain relief. This unique device is portable, safe and massages the lower back while relaxing the muscles and reducing spasms. it’s important to take every precaution necessary to have a healthy pain free back ,but it’s also important to have access to healing relief while avoiding strong medications which can negatively affect your daily functioning.

It’s important to consult with a medical specialist to devise the proper exercise and diet routine which best suits your individual condition.